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Avoid Energy Vampires—Lower Your Electric Bill Today

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It could happen every month, but is especially common during the peak heating and cooling months—it’s the loud screams when homeowners open their monthly electrical bill. If you’ve already upgraded your insulation and your HVAC system, there isn’t much you…

The White House Wasn’t Always A ‘Cool’ Place

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President’s Day is a good time to think about history, and here’s something to ponder: Do you realize if you’re a baby boomer there’s a good chance the White House did NOT have central air conditioning when you were born?…

Become A Member For Even More Perks

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Flowers, candy, and jewelry are all great Valentine’s day gifts for loving couples. We at Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air also love our customers, and we want to roll out the red carpet for them. We have a great gift…