5 Outdoor Lighting Options For Your Home

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Summer is a time when the lightning bugs come out, which always makes us think of exterior lighting options for our customers’ homes. Summer evenings in Alabama are often at the perfect temperature to sit on the back porch, cook out, and enjoy time with your family. 
But what if your exterior lighting is a little dim? Just as you use light to create welcoming feelings inside your home, it can make just as much of a difference outside. Not only can you brighten elements of interest, such as landscaping or seating areas, but it’s also a way to help keep your loved ones safe and encourage more outdoor time, away from devices and screens. 
Here are some of our favorite outdoor lighting trends this year: 

Add Interest & Promote Safety With Deck Lights

It’s no fun playing, cooking, or spending time outside when you can’t see where you’re walking. We encourage homeowners to install lights on stairs, steps, railings, and posts so that your family members can see where they’re walking. They also create nice, layered visual effects that add to the outdoor experience. 

String Lights For Outdoor Entertaining

One of our favorite trends is utilizing larger string lights (not the Christmas tree kind) to string above or around patio areas. They create a nice ambiance for outdoor meals and are typically affordable for almost any homeowner. Stringing them overhead also gives the illusion of a “roof” for a more cozy outdoor living space. 

Know The Difference Between Floodlights And Spotlights

Though many homeowners use these types of lights interchangeably, they serve different purposes. If you need wide rays of light, floodlights are your best bet. If you want to focus on one thing, or need more of a “beam” of light, spotlights work better. 
Floodlights are typically installed near the roof of the house, illuminating dark corners below and shining light below. They enhance safety on the exterior of your home and help people see where they’re going. 

Ground Lighting Options Abound

Pathway lights and well lights ensure safety when walking along the grass or sidewalk. Path lights are often staked into the ground, whereas well lights are recessed and typically use brighter LED lights. These are also programmable and water-friendly in many cases. If you have a backyard pool, for example, well lights can help you see “well” into the water at night. 

Not Your Grandmother’s Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are a simple way to update the exterior look of your home without breaking the bank. If you have sconces near your front door that are 20+ years old, you should check out some of the newer designs available. If your home needs a quick visual update, changing out your wall sconces is your best bet – and they’re available in a variety of styles and finishes!

Exterior Lighting: Call Dixie, And It’s Done!

Whether for safety and security or to add visual interest to your yard, we specialize in helping homeowners just like you update their exterior lighting options. We’ll help you ensure your outdoor lighting solutions are installed safely, and we’re here to help with any issues that may arise so you can get the most out of this summer with your family and friends.
Have questions about our approach to landscape lighting? Contact us today, and we’ll be glad to talk with you about our various options. 
Summer is almost here, so let’s get outside during those cool nights and enjoy our yards and porches. 

Call Dixie and it’s done!

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