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Add Years to Your Water Heater's Life

If Your Water Heater Has Never Been Flushed, It Could Breakdown YEARS Prematurely!!

Homeowners often hear a cracking, popping, or bubbling sound.  After some detective work they find it’s their water heater!  It is literally begging for help!!
Most people never think of their water heater.  As long as it’s doing its job and supplying your baths and showers with hot water, you leave it alone.  What you may not realize is water heaters need regular maintenance.  They need to be flushed.  Here’s why …….water heater 1
The water that comes into your water heater and home carried sediment.  Over time, sediment will settle at the bottom of your tank.  An older water heater can have up to eight inches (or more) of sediment that’s accumulated at it’s bottom!  Essentially, that sediment makes your water heater smaller, so you have less hot water to use!
In addition, sediment eats away at the interior of your water heater, which shortens it’s lifespan.  Plus, without regular flushing, bacteria will often grow in the tank.  If you notice that your tap water smells like sulfur, your water has bacteria.  Not sure what sulfur smells like?  Imagine rotten eggs!  Yuck!
By having your water regularly flushed, you can reduce your energy bills and elongate its life!  Don’t forget to call us to schedule your water heater flushing soon. You will delay the need to replace it and also enjoy smaller energy bills!!