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Call Dixie to Turn Your Backyard Into a Party Paradise

As summer rolls around, can you hear the following conversation between Bart and Sherry taking place at your house? Bart says, “Honey I’ve been thinking, let’s have a great big summer party at our house. We can invite all the neighbors and grill a bunch of food. After all, we have a really big backyard and I think a Saturday night party would be a lot of fun.”
Sherry, with an incredulous look on her face responds, “Bart, take a look around you. Our backyard has no outdoor lighting for a night-time party. That rusty grill over there is 10 years old and falling apart. Plus, do you have any idea how hot this backyard is during a summer evening? Not to mention you have more than a few weeds to pull to make the landscaping look good. I’m not having the neighbors over when our backyard looks like this!”
Well guess what? For all the Barts and Sherrys out there, help is available from Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air. We can design an outdoor lighting plan that will turn your backyard (or front yard) into a party friendly setting in no time. More than that, new outside lighting and garden lighting will raise property values and make your home more secure. Our experts will come up with a custom plan to fit your landscaping and space.
Now, about that grill situation. Have you thought about replacing that rusty wreck with a new built in grill? Or better yet, an entire outdoor kitchen? Our plumbers and electricians can easily handle things like gas and electrical lines to make Bart, and others like him, the outdoor cooking king in his neighborhood.
You know what else our plumbers can do? They can make an Alabama summer evening cool and comfortable by installing misters in your backyard. They are effective at cooling the air by spraying a fine mist which quickly evaporates. The evaporation actually cools the air. Please don’t mistake the bargain misters available at the big box stores and online with the professional models installed by Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air. The DIY models often end up getting people wet instead of just cooling them off. A professionally installed system uses a higher pressure to create the fine mist that works best.
So, how are we doing so far? Dixie can help turn Bart and Sherry’s backyard, or any backyard, into a party paradise with custom lighting, an outdoor kitchen, and a cooling mister. The only thing we can’t, well really won’t, help you with are those darn weeds. That’s up to Bart.
Call Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air to learn more.