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Don’t Be Embarrassed by Toilet Problems

You push the handle. The swirling motion starts. Round and round goes the water. But will the “stuff” in the water really disappear, and how long will it take? If you are asking that question every time you flush your toilet, then the real question you’re asking is, “Why is my toilet draining and flushing so slowly? Let your friends at Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air tackle that waste disposal problem for you. We know it may feel uncomfortable for you to talk about your slow toilet, but it’s just part of the job for us.
The first thing to understand is that a slow flushing toilet is a problem. The speed of the water is what actually creates the suction to draw the waste material into the drain pipe. The slower the flush, the less suction there is. And we all know how embarrassing/disgusting it can be when there are “leftovers” in the toilet bowl.
Let’s examine some of the common reasons for slow flushing:

  • There’s an obstruction in the pipes
    • The first thought is to reach for the plunger and that’s usually the right choice. A few firm strokes can often dislodge any obstruction that might be present.
  • Deposits in the toilet tank
    • Over time, mineral deposits can build up in the tank. This can cause the float to close too soon meaning there’s not enough water in the tank to provide for a normal flush. Many times you can treat a slow flushing toilet with vinegar. Pour it into the overflow tube in the tank to dissolve many of the mineral deposits.
  • Repair the flushing mechanism
    • Age and mineral deposits can also damage the flushing mechanism. You should start with replacing the flapper seal between the tank toilet bowl. If the flapper isn’t sealing tightly, it can affect the flush.

If at this point your slow toilet problem is continuing, there may be other causes and it’s time to call in a professional plumber from Dixie. It’s possible the problem is in the drain line, perhaps even outside the house. This is especially true it you have noticed any other slow drains or gurgling sounds in the home. We offer video inspections of your sewer line to locate any possible blockages. We can usually clear any blockages using a hydro-jetter, which uses a high pressure water jet to cut through tree roots and dislodge any blockages.
There’s an old saying you should never be embarrassed talking to your doctor about anything because they’ve heard it before. We’re not doctors, but when it comes to plumbers in Montgomery, AL; you should never be embarrassed talking with our professionals about problems with your toilet, because chances are we’ve heard it before and can fix the problem. Like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on our latest offers and get more information like this.