Safe & Sound - Fire Danger

Fire Danger & Your Electrical System

House fires claim thousands of lives, and cause billions of dollars of damage each year. Alabama just happens to be at the top of the list of instances of home fires.

Sadly, some household fires are caused by electrical issues, which could have been corrected before the home turned into a deadly inferno. In addition to being a fire risk, problems with your electrical system can cause damage or destroy electronics, air conditioning and heating equipment, and home appliances.

How do you prevent something you can’t see?

Our Safe & Sound Service offers you “pre-disaster” detection using highly sophisticated technologies including Ultrasonic Arc Detection and Infrared Thermal Imaging. This equipment can “See” through walls, to detect problems before disaster strikes. Dixie Electrical, Plumbing and Air offers this technology to homeowners because the safety of your home and family is important to us.

Safe & Sound Service features:

  • INFARED THERMO IMAGING – This technology is able to see through walls and ceilings to pick up “warm wire” spots that are on their way toward meltdown or ignition. This is critical in identify weak spots that could lead to a home fire. This technology is also useful in identifying opportunities to improve energy efficiency for your air conditioning and heating system.
  • ULTRASONIC ARC DETECTION – This tool uses surveillance sonar to identify slight resonant vibrations set off by loose connections that can lead to sparks and ultimately cause fires. This technology is also used to identify leaks within your plumbing system.
  • COMPLETE CIRCUIT ANALYZER – Verifies proper wiring while pinpointing loose connections and faulty grounds.
  • SHOCK HAZARD CHECK– Tests ground resistance. A bad ground can lead to sparks, serious shocking or even death. An incomplete or non-existing ground system can put your valuable home electronics at risk as well as increase the risk to your family for electrical shock.
  • CIRCUIT TRACER – Verifies proper labeling, wiring and breaker size at each circuit. A potential overload could lead to breaker or electrical panel damage. Helps avoid overload.
  • SURETEST RESISTANCE METER – Tests Voltage Drop to bad connections and undersized or damaged wire. Too little voltage leads to damage to your the electrical components in your home. This can also lead to damage to your appliances, HVAC system, and electronics.
  • ELECTRICAL PANEL SURVEY – We check your entire panel for loose connections, corrosion, proper grounding, proper sizing for load and to ensure current code compliance.
  • ALUMINUM WIRING DETECTION – There are homes in our area that still have unsafe aluminum wiring that the homeowner isn’t aware of. Aluminum wiring can cause safety issues.
  • SMOKE DETECTOR CHECK – We check and clean all available detectors for operation and install fresh batteries as needed.
  • GFI RECEPTACLE CHECK – We check and test all “wet” or hazard locations with GFI plugs for operation and to ensure the trip is quick enough.
  • OPEN JUNCTION/SPLICE CHECK – This vital service can help spot potential hot spots that can arc and start a fire. Older homes are at a higher risk because building codes at the time were not as strict regarding the way splices were conducted.