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Lean Electrical Construction

Dixie utilizes “Lean” principles Electrical Construction to maintain the highest quality for the lowest cost.

What does Lean Electrical Construction mean to you?

It is more critical than ever, for contractors to look for ways to reduce costs while maintaining high standards of quality. Dixie utilizes Lean principles in their electrical construction projects to do just that. Lean is a mindset that each of our team members has for continuous improvement. From top to bottom, everyone is empowered to share their ideas. The implementation of these ideas has increased efficiencies in every aspect of our business.

How does Lean benefit your Electrical construction project?

Dixie’s electrical construction department is continually looking for was to increase the quality of our product and eliminate waste. The ultimate goal is to continually improve our processes, offer the latest technology, and maintain the quality our customers have learned to expect from Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air. Here’s some of the ways Dixie utilizes Lean principles on our Electrical Construction projects:

  • Standardization of critical tasks, to eliminate error and rework
  • Streamlined coordination with other construction trades early and often in the project
  • Managed manpower and equipment on site for improved safety and coordination
  • Utilization of “Just-In-Time” procurement of material to the project sites to minimize overages, shortages, and loss
  • Utilization of “Prefabrication” techniques whenever possible
  • Developed processes to promote built-in-quality to our electrical installations
  • Monitoring effectiveness of current process for continuous improvement

What are some benefits of Lean?

  • Improves employee morale
  • Provides a safer work environment
  • Creates a framework for improved quality
  • Reduces inventory on site & makes future improvements simpler