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Everyone has their favorite saying or cliché when it comes to hot weather in Alabama:

“It’s not the heat that gets you it’s the humidity.”

“The forecast for the next four months is hot, humid, and hazy.”

“Don’t worry about the heat. It helps make you tougher for football season.”

Seriously though, sometimes we at Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air wonder how in the world did our parents and grandparents live through southern summers without air conditioning? Just think about how it has changed our world. The air conditioning revolution fueled the population shift from the north to the south leading to the growth of southern cities.

Not too many years ago central air conditioning may have been considered a luxury. Now, we think it’s safe to say it’s regarded as a necessity and maybe even a lifesaving necessity. We experience that first hand because Dixie often gets calls from people who are truly desperate when their A/C goes out on a hot day, which is truthfully any day between May 1st and September 30th.

It’s also a big reason why Dixie added HVAC a few years ago to our existing electrical and plumbing services. We knew the demand was there for cooling and heating repair and maintenance. What better way to fill that demand than by making Dixie a full-service home comfort provider? If you have an electrician come to your home who discovers a separate problem with your air conditioner, a quick phone call back to the office can bring an HVAC technician to fix the problem.

When we expanded, we knew we needed to do it the right way. We didn’t ask our plumbers and electricians to become air conditioner repair people. Instead, we hired fully trained HVAC technicians to provide top notch service. As with every Dixie employee those technicians are background checked and drug tested before they are allowed in your home.

Depending on us for routine air conditioner tune-ups and preventive maintenance can nearly eliminate those hot weather A/C breakdowns. When the time comes, and it will happen, for an air conditioner replacement you can count on Dixie to do the job right. The expert training our technicians receive means your new air conditioner will be the right size to efficiently cool your home or business.

Do not risk the comfort and even the safety of you and your family. Instead, count on Dixie to keep you cool. When it’s hot and sticky outside, you can stay cool inside while entertaining your children with stories about the old days without air conditioning.