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Dixie Electrical Services

Dixie’s roots run deep when it comes to electricity and electrical work. When our company was founded in 1908 the electrical revolution was in its infancy and we have been there for every step of a wonderful technological journey.

Along the way electricity has made our lives so much easier, productive, and comfortable that we can’t live without it. Many of us can remember a few decades ago when power outages were no big thing because your life didn’t revolve around electricity. Your parents lit some candles and turned on the transistor radio. Now, when we experience electrical outages our world comes to an end. No internet. No television. And when the batteries run out, no phone or tablet computer. Not to mention no air conditioning or central heat.

That dependence on electricity is why we now have a staff of highly trained and licensed electricians to serve your needs in Montgomery and Auburn, AL and the surrounding areas. They are well-versed in residential, commercial, industrial, and construction electrical repair and maintenance. In addition, you can rest easy when we come to your home. Every one of our electricians is background checked and drug tested before being hired by Dixie.

These days electricity does much more than provide for our basic needs. It’s now a part of the curb appeal and interior design of our homes. Dixie specializes in designing and installing exterior lighting adding to the value of your Auburn, AL home. Or we can save money for your Montgomery, AL business by installing new energy efficient LED lighting fixtures.

As much as electricity has improved our quality of life, we must never lose sight of the fact it is a great power that can also be a great danger if it’s not treated with great respect. Electrical safety is a huge part of Dixie’s mission to serve the people of Central and Eastern Alabama. Our Safe & Sound electrical inspections can identify and correct problems before a disaster strikes.It can be as simple as installing a light fixture or ceiling fan. Or as complicated as rewiring your home or business while installing a new electrical panel and anything in between! When you need electrical work done trust the people who have been doing it for more than a century. You can depend on Dixie electricians to complete the job on time and for the quoted upfront price we give you.