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Nothing can ruin your day more quickly than a destructive plumbing breakdown. Consider the many possibilities:

  • A water heater bursts while you are away. In a matter of minutes, the building’s floor is covered with water. Before long it will be several inches or feet deep ruining floors, walls, and depending on the location, furnishings.
  • A years-old hose on your washing machine develops a weak spot. Finally, one night while you are sleeping, the hose bursts. Water pours into your home at the rate of six gallons a minute or 650 gallons for every hour you are asleep.
  • Your vacation turns into a nightmare. Returning home, you discover a shutoff valve in the upstairs bathroom failed. For 10 days water has been pouring from upstairs, down to the first floor, and continuing its steady march to the basement leaving damage and destruction in its trail.
  • Over time a tree root slowly blocks your sewer pipe. Then one day raw sewage spews out of the toilet leaving behind a stinky mess that could take weeks to clean up. Resulting in lost business for the building or no roof over your head for the family.

Nothing can guarantee you will never have a damaging plumbing breakdown. Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air is here to help turn the odds in your favor in your Auburn or Montgomery, AL home or business. For some reason people don’t tend to think of plumbing maintenance but it is a very real thing. Having one of our licensed plumbers come out on a regular basis to do a plumbing inspection means many problems can be diagnosed before disaster strikes.

Let’s talk more about each of the scenarios mentioned earlier and how an inspection can save the day:

  • A plumber is trained to spot trouble with water heaters. It could be signs of corrosion, a very small leak, or maybe a bulging tank indicating a pressure buildup inside.
  • Washing machine hoses are part of every inspection. Experience makes it possible to spot a weak or soft spot in a hose long before it bursts.
  • The Dixie Plumber will look at every valve in kitchens and restrooms. The warning signs may be slight corrosion or an indication that the valve is leaking. It’s a very small price to replace these valves as part of preventive plumbing maintenance.
  • We can perform a video camera inspection of your sewer pipe. If we find a blockage, we can use a hydro-jetter to blast it away without having to dig outside.

Dixie offers a full range of plumbing services including bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects. If you ever do have a plumbing breakdown, we will dispatch help as quickly as possible. Our plumbers are trained in residential, commercial, and construction plumbing applications. They will arrive in a fully stocked truck so repairs can be made as quickly as possible. 

Protect yourself against plumbing disasters. Just “Call Dixie, and it’s done.”