Sewer and Water Line Issues

Sewer and Water Line Issues

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Sewer and Water Lines

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    Water and sewer systems are the lifeblood of your home, but no one takes time to even think about them. Everyone just assumes opening the faucet will automatically give you clean, healthy water for cooking, cleaning, and personal hygiene. It’s also assumed that when you use the bathroom, take a bath or shower, or wash clothes, all that wastewater will magically disappear without causing any problems. Most of the time that happens without incident, but when problems happen, Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air is ready and able to restore your home’s lifeblood.

    Identifying problems

    Let’s start with the sewer lines. The most common warning sign of a blockage is water backing up out of a drain or toilet plumbing. The experts say your house will talk to you, but you need to learn to listen. There is often a gurgling sound. One example is a sound from the toilet after washing a load of clothes. It can sound like a coffee pot percolating.

    Other warning signs include water around a basement floor drain. A blockage can happen in the main trunk of the sewer line which affects the whole house. Or it can happen in a secondary line meaning the problem is isolated to one area of the home.

    Solving the problem

    Individual clogged drains can usually be dealt with pretty easily. Most of the time they are caused by hair, grease, and other waste material. Dixie’s plumbers can remove most of them with a snake or sewer machine.

    If the blockage is in the main sewer line, the best choice may be a hydro-jetter which uses high pressure water jets to blast it open. The jetter can even cut through tree roots which often plug up sewer lines.

    Once the blockage is gone, Dixie will do a video inspection to make sure the pipe is clean and flowing freely.

    Water line issues

    The pipes carrying water into the home are incredibly important to assure a continuous supply of clean healthy water. Problems can cause contamination and health risks.


    This is the most common problem in water supply lines. The problem is they can often be difficult to find. Very few leaks lead to catastrophic flooding. Common warning signs are wet spots in your lawn or damp spots on the basement or crawl space floor. But when you spot the warning signs, it’s important to call Dixie quickly. Slow leaks can quickly become big leaks with the potential to cause damage.

    Preventive maintenance

    Problems with sewer and water pipes can often be prevented with regular plumbing inspections and maintenance. When you call Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air a licensed plumber will come to your home and can often identify potential problems before a breakdown happens.