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Don’t Let a Clogged Drain Ruin Your Spring

draining cleaning
It is time to get ready for everything that spring in the deep south has to offer like warmer weather, more rain, and the possibility of clogged drains.
Many times, a clog originates with something you did inside the house and it affects just one fixture. That’s usually a pretty easy fix for our professional plumbers at Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air; but in the spring, there are some factors making the situation worse.
First is the saturated ground outside. It tends to make the entire house drainage system work more slowly. Then there is the more severe problem of tree roots growing into the sewage line that require a sewer cleaning.
It’s something you need to be concerned about in the spring because roots do NOT stop growing during the winter, especially in the south where the soil temperature can stay pretty warm.
Tree roots can spread out from the trunk a distance equal to more than twice the height of the tree. During winter, those roots love to seek out the warm water and nutrients flowing through your sewage system.
When a small tree root gets inside the pipe, it can start to grow and spread rapidly without the homeowner having any clue about what’s going on. That’s why you need to recognize the warning signs:

  • Slow drainage from a fixture
  • The sound of gurgling from a toilet
  • Wet areas around a floor drain after washing clothes

If any of these sound familiar, you should call us at Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air immediately to confirm you need drain cleaning. If left unchecked, the roots can completely block the sewage line, causing damaging backups into the home.
If a root blockage is caught early by our plumbers, we can use our equipment to cut it out without digging up your yard. Doing that on a regularly scheduled basis may be the most cost efficient way to control the problem.
Taking care of your drain issues is just one way Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air takes care of all your service, repair, and maintenance needs. We can make your spring what it should be, a great time to get outside and enjoy everything that Alabama has to offer.