Industrial Electrical Maintenance

Industrial Electrical Maintenance in Montgomery & Auburn, AL & Columbus, GA

Many costly electrical breakdowns can be prevented by the kind of quality installation work Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air’s electricians perform, but there’s another part of the equation that’s just as important. It’s electrical preventative maintenance (EPM).

Quality electrical preventive maintenance is absolutely vital for industrial facilities. When a problem shuts down a manufacturing facility, warehouse operation or call center, the lost dollars add up minute-by-minute. It is not the time to wonder if improper or lack of maintenance is the reason for the shutdown.

You can depend on Dixie to find problems before they happen. One example is using the very latest thermal imaging tools to locate any hot spots. It might be a single breaker in a service panel. When located early, it’s an easy fix without disrupting production.

But, without thorough preventative maintenance, the single breaker can continue to overheat and damage or destroy the entire electrical panel. Now the plant is shut down for hours, and the losses can quickly mount into hundreds of thousands of dollars—or even more.

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Industrial Electrical Maintenance

According to the Hartford Insurance Company, there should be an infrared or thermographic inspection on distribution panels, cable connections, motor control centers, and other critical equipment. They recommend at least one inspection every three years. More frequently in some situations.

Electrical preventive maintenance requires special training. Count on Dixie’s electricians to have a thorough understanding of electrical safety and procedures with the training behind it to prevent costly breakdowns.

Our electrical preventive maintenance includes:

In short, electrical preventive maintenance is cost effective. It always costs less to make repairs to equipment before failures or malfunctions occur. A planned shutdown is cheap compared to an emergency shutdown caused by a system breakdown.

With so much at stake don’t take that chance. Call Dixie now to set up electrical preventative maintenance in your industrial facility.

In the rare instance there’s a service we can’t provide, depend on Dixie to find a company who can. We want to make sure you get what you need. Our goal is to make you happy so you will call us next time.

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