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While the average person might like to think their grandma’s bad knee can let them know when bad weather is coming, the average person really can’t predict the weather. Even meteorologists struggle with accuracy sometimes. If a major thunderstorm, a tornado or hurricane hits the Central Alabama area, it’s probably going to cause some downed trees and power lines, meaning hundreds or even thousands of homes will be without electricity. 

Everyone would love to have advance warning when a storm is looming, but sometimes a debilitating storm seems to come out of nowhere. To avoid the unexpected, it’s good to have a plan in place and prepare ahead of time. When it comes to the electricity powering your home, how can you do that?

A Whole-House Generator Solves the Power Outage Problem

With a whole-house backup generator, you need not fear a potential power outage ever again. In fact, experts at Consumer Reports say backup generators are the gold standard of backup power, since they can run for weeks on a large whole-house propane tank or indefinitely if powered by natural gas. Now it’s not likely that the Central Alabama area would be without power for weeks, but even days in the midst of a hot summer can cause dangerous situations for the elderly, the very young or for those with health concerns. Having no power to your refrigerator or freezer equals up to hundreds of dollars of wasted food going into trash. Some other secondary considerations if your home loses power are: No lights, no hot water and no electronics, which for many who have no landline phones, means no way to communicate.

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There are various price points for a backup generator installation. But the stability and reliability of the equipment makes any size whole house generator a practical investment in your home that will only add to its overall value. The amount of your investment varies depending on the number of kilowatts of the unit you choose. The greater the number of kilowatts, the more appliances, lights and electronics you can run at one time. The choice is really up to you.

Solid Reasons to Invest in a Whole-House Backup Generator

  • Your major appliances, lights and systems will keep running, even when the power goes out. You choose the size of your backup generator, depending on the amount of investment you want to make to run the things most important to you.


  • Never worry about spoiled food in the freezer or refrigerator again. How many of us have frustratingly thrown out hundreds of dollars’ worth of thawed, rancid food? A backup generator installation eliminates ever having to do that again due to an electrical outage. 


  • Your whole house backup generator is always ready to go, comes on automatically & costs little to operate. You can have peace of mind knowing your whole-house backup generator will turn on automatically seconds after a power outage. Since a backup generator is most commonly powered by natural gas, it’s very energy efficient and runs at a low operating cost. 


  • Dixie offers a Complimentary Consultation. After discussing what your desires are, one of our trained technicians can assess your home’s layout and design and provide alternatives for uninterrupted electric service that meets your needs and budget, all at no cost to you. 

Don’t delay. Avoid a crisis and just call Dixie today to schedule your whole-house backup generator complimentary consultation. Peace of mind, comfort and the safety of your loved ones can be secure knowing they’re protected, and your valuable resources are guarded from unnecessary power outages

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