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Trenchless Pipe Replacement

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Trenchless Pipe Replacement in Montgomery & Auburn, AL & Columbus, GA

Trenchless pipe replacement has quickly become the preferred solution of repairing or replacing sewer lines as it offers numerous benefits over traditional excavation methods. By using specialized equipment and techniques, the surrounding area has minimal disruption, which can protect landscaping and irrigation or gas lines. For that reason, most home and business owners in the Montgomery and Auburn-Opelika, AL areas choose the trenchless option when they have a sewer line repair or replacement needed.

Trenchless pipe replacement is usually done in two ways.

One process is referred to as pipe bursting, and is exactly as it sounds. A hydraulic machine breaks up the old pipe into small pieces while simultaneously pulling a new pipe into place. The pieces of the old pipe are pushed out of the way and left in the ground.

The other method is pipe lining, which involves inserting a flexible tube coated with resin into the old pipe and then inflating it, causing the resin to harden and form a new pipe inside the old one.

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How Does Trenchless Compare To Traditional Sewer Line Replacement?

The traditional method of sewer line replacement involves digging a trench along the entire length of the pipe. Subsequently this process is time-consuming, messy and can be very expensive. It also requires the removal of trees, shrubs and other landscaping features that are in the way. In contrast, trenchless sewer line replacement involves digging only a few small holes at either end of the pipe to access it and then using specialized equipment to remove the old pipe and install the new one.

Are There Other Advantages To Using Trenchless Pipe Replacement?

Besides the most significant advantage of trenchless pipe replacement being much less disruptive to the surrounding area, it can save a lot of money in repair costs to significant damage to landscaping, driveways, concrete slabs and other structures that occur in the traditional excavation process.  Additionally, because the process is less invasive, it can be completed quicker than traditional excavation methods, which can take days or even weeks to complete. While the upfront cost of trenchless may be slightly higher than traditional methods, it still saves money on the project as a whole.

Another advantage of trenchless pipe replacement is that it is much more environmentally friendly than traditional methods, which often involve the use of heavy machinery that emits harmful pollutants into the air. They also require the removal of large amounts of soil, which can cause erosion and other environmental problems. Trenchless methods, on the other hand, generate much less waste and pollution, making them a greener alternative.

Finally, trenchless pipe replacement can be performed on a wide range of pipe sizes and materials, making it a versatile solution for home and business owners. Trenchless methods can be used on a variety of materials, including clay, cast iron, PVC and concrete; and, they can be used to replace pipes of varying sizes, from small residential pipes to large municipal pipes. Bottom line is property owners don’t have to worry about whether their pipes can be replaced using trenchless methods.

Trenchless Pipe Replacement

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Dixie Electric, Plumbing Air is proud to offer trenchless pipe replacement to our clients as a convenient and efficient solution to leaking or broken sewer lines in Montgomery, Auburn-Opelika, Columbus, GA and the surrounding areas. This innovative and environmentally friendly method of repairing or replacing underground sewer lines is a good solution to consider. If you suspect your sewer line is broken or leaking, just call Dixie and it’s done!

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