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Open Junction Boxes & Faulty Splicing Are Fire Hazards

Did you know that Alabama has one of the highest rates of house fires per capita in the nation? Unfortunately, this is true and can be attributed to many factors, including outdated electrical systems that feature unstable aluminum wiring.
That is why Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air offers our exclusive Safe & Sound Inspection. As part of this service, our trained, licensed professionals will perform numerous tests, – including Ultrasonic Arc Detection and Infrared Thermal Imaging and Circuit Tracing, detailed in previous blogs – to locate and detect potential fire hazards in your home’s electrical system.
Dixie service technicians will also perform an open junction box and splice check. This vital service can help spot potential hot spots that can arc and start a fire. There are two main ways that a faulty electrical system can spark a house fire. The first occurs when a wire overheats due to too much electrical current flowing through it. Overheating can be prevented by circuit breakers in the main electrical panel. The second potential firestarter is overheating, sparking or arcing caused by a loose or deteriorated electrical connection. To help prevent this, connections – or splices – must be made in a fire-resistant junction box that will prevent any possible sparks from escaping and triggering a fire.
Our Safe & Sound Inspection will insure that all splices are made correctly with the proper connectors. We will also inspect all electrical junction boxes to make sure they are large enough to house the splices inside of it, and that they have proper lids and are not open junction boxes.
Dixie is committed to our customers’ safety and stand ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help our customers with any electrical emergency or service. In addition to Safe & Sound Service, we can also help you with installation of ceiling fans and other fixtures, including recessed, security and landscape lighting, We offer Seimens Electrical Panels, Sycom Surge Protectors — even smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Call Dixie, and it’s done!