AC Not Working? Try These HVAC Troubleshooting Tips

ac not working

June is here and right on its heels is the heat of summer. But did you know that June is also National Homeownership Month? That means you should be making sure your home is in tip-top shape when it comes to comfort, efficiency, and saving money.  One way to make sure is to schedule regular maintenance, better known as a tune-up. However, if you need some help right now because your AC system is not working properly or at all, try some HVAC troubleshooting to help determine the problem.. 

Here are a few troubleshooting tasks/tips if your system will not turn on or if it is not cooling:

  • Is your thermostat set on cooling mode or on auto? Check the temperature and make sure the thermostat is set to the A/C position and turned to the on position. If your AC is still not working right, a bad thermostat could be the issue.
  • Verify the dedicated system breaker has not been tripped on the outside condensing unit; also check the emergency switch on the blower inside to make sure it has not been accidentally shut off. If the breaker is tripped, reset it. If it trips again, call Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air – where you will have an authorized technician dispatched immediately – before trying again.
  • Is there ice or frost on your outdoor unit or refrigeration line? If so, turn the thermostat to the off position and set it in fan mode, which will help thaw the lines; your service technician cannot work on units if they are frozen. This issue could signal that your system is low on refrigerant or has a refrigerant leak.

  • Check the air filter to make sure it has been recently changed and/or cleaned.

Call Dixie to Schedule an AC Tune-Up or Repair Just in Time for Summer

If none of these troubleshooting efforts work, call Dixie and it’s done. Remember that regular AC maintenance is critical to keep your system in tip-top shape.