Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Affording Home Improvements

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When you feel a draft, realize your air conditioner is kaput, or see and hear a drip or a leaky faucet, you often panic, right? Many homeowners feel the stress and anxiety that accompanies an electrical, plumbing, or HVAC issue or breakdown. 
Not only is it the inconvenience of it all, but there are additional worries about the comfort of your family. With cold winter months right around the corner, you might be concerned about keeping your family safe, dry, and warm. 
There are also financial considerations. 
Yes, being able to afford (or unable to afford) home improvement is a blocker many homeowners face when dealing with needed repairs and services. 
In 2020, many Alabamians were hit incredibly hard with shutdowns, social distancing, and jobs or income loss. But when you need a home repair or servicing, what can you do? 
Are there options for budget-conscious homeowners? 
If the financial aspect of home improvements is something you’re concerned about, you’re certainly not alone. Many of our customers appreciate any help they can get in purchasing a new system for their home. 
But there are ways to ease the financial burden of a home repair, emergency service, or home improvement project. 
Here are a few resources for you:

Federal and Local Government Funding and Rebates

Homeowners who wish to replace or upgrade home systems to more energy-efficient ones can qualify for certain tax credits. Credits for residential energy efficiency have been extended until the end of 2020. That means you still have time to take advantage before 2021 gets here. 
Even locally, there may be rebate options in your area or among utility companies
Call us today and see what’s available. 

Upgrading Appliances to Save Money

One way to save money in the long run (though there is an upfront cost) is to outfit your home with ENERGY STAR certified products, available across more than 75 categories, including appliances, heating and cooling elements, and lighting for your home. 
ENERGY STAR certified products can save on energy costs and promote sustainability. Still, many homeowners feel the most significant benefit is the bottom line: lower energy and utility bills every month

Ask Us About Our Deals and Financing Options

At Dixie – Electric, Plumbing & Air, we know our customers. We know their worries and struggles when it comes to getting the home services they need. This is why we offer regular deals, specials, and coupons: to help homeowners from Auburn and Montgomery to Phenix City and Wetumpka.
Are you a veteran or senior citizen? If so, you can enjoy 5% off our services at any time of year. And our Dixie Cares Plan members receive a 15% savings on electric, plumbing, air conditioning, or heating repairs.
Looking for something else? 
We also offer in-house financing options so that you can replace your worn-out HVAC systems with something brand new to start winter. 
Not just for HVAC services, but we allow customers to finance any project as low as $250. We also offer flexible monthly payment options that work for your family budget. 
We understand the stresses of dealing with home improvements or repairs – especially around the holidays. Work with our technicians to get the right services at the right price.

Dixie: Here to Help You With Your Home Improvements

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