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Improve Home Value

Top 3 Ways To Improve Home Value & Comfort

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Strategically investing in your home can lead to a big payoff in your day-to-day living and in the value of your property. Here are a few of the home projects with the highest returns to improve home value. Clean and…

Repair Leaky Pipes With Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air

The Pipe Under My Sink is Leaking. What Do I Do?

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No one likes a leaking pipe! Leaking pipes can be problematic for homeowners because they can cause significant water damage, impact water pressure, and influence the water supply. Not to mention, a leaking pipe can waste 90 gallons or more…

How To Save Money By Keeping Your HVAC In Tip-Top Shape

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Have you ever thought about HVAC preventative maintenance as something that should be part of your seasonal housekeeping chores?  Like raking leaves, cleaning gutters, or getting an oil change, preventative maintenance on your air conditioning or heating units is necessary…