Heating System Installation

Heating System Installation

Service Overview

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    “The most important day in the life of a furnace (or air conditioner) is installation day.”

    This is something you hear all the time in the world of HVAC, but like many cliches this is based in truth. A poorly done installation will result in a furnace that CANNOT operate at peak efficiency. Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air has highly trained technicians to assure your installation is done correctly.

    It’s a process

    A good installation starts long before the installers show up with a new furnace on the truck. Choosing the right system is always the first step in the process. It must be the right size for your home. If it’s too small, the furnace may run constantly and struggle to keep your home warm. This will drive up your utility bills. But don’t let any salesperson tell you bigger is always better. A unit that’s too large for your home will tend to cycle on and off frequently. This leads to unnecessary wear and tear on many components. It takes a skilled technician, using complicated formulas, to determine the correct heating system size for your house.

    It’s all in the ducts

    Think of your HVAC ductwork like you would the arteries in your body. The air must flow freely through the ducts without leaks or blockages. If there is existing ductwork, Dixie will inspect it for any problems or needed repairs. If it’s a new house or if the ductwork needs to be replaced, our team will custom-design a system for your home. Do not minimize the importance of this step. Tests show many central heating and cooling systems lose 30% of their efficiency because of various ductwork problems.

    Installation day

    When the big day arrives the Dixie installation team will call to let you know they are on the way. Most normal installations can be done in one day with the exceptions of large homes or complicated custom systems. We break the process down into some basic steps:

    • Home protection—All workers will wear shoe protectors when in your house. They will lay down floor covers to walk on and in the areas where they will be working.
    • Remove old unit—The old furnace will be removed and taken away for proper recycling and disposal. Nothing will be left behind for you to deal with.
    • Install new furnace—Dixie’s team will install your new heating system strictly according to the manufacturer’s instructions, making sure all local building codes are adhered to.
    • Test run—When the installation is completed the furnace will be fired up to make sure it’s operating normally and meets all manufacturer specifications.
    • Make you comfortable—The Dixie team will show you how to operate your new furnace and likely a new thermostat. The day doesn’t end until you are comfortable with the operation of your heating system.
    • Follow up—We will check back with you in the days and weeks following the installation to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

    Heat pumps

    While we have used the term furnace throughout, the process is virtually the same for an air source heat pump. The basic differences are a heat pump has an outdoor compressor and an indoor air handler to install.  Heat pumps are an ideal choice for many Alabama homes that don’t have access to natural gas.

    Call Dixie, and it’s done

    If you are considering a new furnace (or other heating system) for your home, call Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air for a free no-obligation estimate.