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    Most people only think about humidity when it’s making their lives miserable during an Alabama summer. But the dry air of winter creates its own set of problems. Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air can help solve them for you with a whole-house humidifier.

    Why you need one

    Many aren’t even aware of the effects of dry air on people and houses.

    • Health concerns—Research clearly shows dry air makes it easier for germs and viruses (including the cold and flu viruses) to survive for a longer period. Dry air can also cause sore throats, dry nasal passages, and bloody noses.
    • Comfort—Dry air causes severe static electricity. No one enjoys being shocked when touching a doorknob and your pets don’t enjoy it when you touch them. Adding moisture to the air in your home during winter can make you feel warmer, allowing you to turn the thermostat down two or three degrees cutting your monthly bills.
    • Prevent damage—Low humidity is not good for woodwork, furniture, and hardwood floors. The wood shrinks and can cause cracks and splits. The dry air can lead to chipped paint and peeling wallpaper.


    Whole-house humidifier

    This can also be called a central humidifier because it is connected to your homes HVAC system. It adds moisture to the conditioned air as it is distributed throughout the house. Dixie features humidifiers by Aprilaire. These offer several advantages when compared to portable humidifiers. Central units are hooked to your home’s water supply, so you don’t have to fill a tank. The tank on a portable unit contains standing water which is prone to bacteria growth which can then spread into the air. They may be less expensive upfront, but portable units waste electricity and water costing you in the long run.

    Air purity is important

    This is a big concern with all humidifier equipment. Central humidifiers have inherent advantages because they are connected to the home’s water supply. But it’s still a good idea to filter the water supply to remove any impurities. It will make the house healthier and eliminate minerals from the water that can cause white dust on walls and furniture.

    Proper humidity level

    Indoor humidity should be between 30 and 50 percent with 45% considered ideal. This level is where you will feel the most comfortable and the air in your home will be the healthiest. It doesn’t happen very often in Alabama, but the proper humidity level does change when cold weather hits. If the outside temperature drops into the 20’s or even colder, the added humidity in the house can cause damaging condensation on windows and sills. If there is a cold snap, it’s a good idea to set the humidity level a bit lower than the ideal range.

    Dixie is here to help

    If you have any questions about proper humidity levels or adding a humidifier to your home, call Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air. We will be happy to explain all the options to you.