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5 Wild Facts About The World of Plumbing

plumbing myths

Plumbing is considered one of the modern world’s marvels, but some plumbing and sanitation systems trace back thousands of years to ancient cultures. 
As we move into a new age of technological advances in our industry, we take a look at the weird, the wild, and the “whoa!” to bring you some of our favorite plumbing myths and history. 

Thomas WHO?

According to urban legend, a man named Thomas Crapper invented the modern-day toilet. While it’s true that his name is associated with commodes, he did not actually invent what we know of as the toilet. 
Instead, he invented the ballcock, which helps tanks better fill up with water after each use. 
Either way, his name became associated with toilets, as many people still call them “crappers” today. 

Hot Water Use

When looking at your utility bills, do you know how much you pay each year simply to heat up your water? According to the U.S. Department of Energy, water heating accounts for up to 18% of your home’s overall energy usage. 
Employing water-saving strategies or lowering the water temperature used in your home can likely account for savings on more than one utility bill. 

Manhole Covers

Utility hole covers are round for a few reasons. First, the rounded shape makes these covers much easier to move from place to place. If you’ve ever tried to pick one up, you can attest to their weight. It would be much easier to roll them than carry them. 
Secondly, round shapes may be slightly easier to manufacture, versus square or rectangular shapes. (Source)

Before Toilet Paper

Many cultures got along just fine before the invention of toilet paper. While some strategically used streams of water and scraping utensils, such as sticks, pottery, or clams, others simply used their left hands. 
One of the most popular pre-toilet paper utensils was dried corn cobs. Not only was it plentily available, but it was easy for people to use and was much more comfortable than other options. (Source)

Ice Cubes in the Disposal

You might have heard the household tip about putting ice in the garbage disposal to help clean the blades and freshen your sink, but is it a good idea? 
When used correctly, ice can help clean your blades, but putting too much ice in the disposal can actually harm your system. Depending on the temperature of water you use when cleaning your disposal blades, you could also inadvertently cause even more of a clog or issue. 
It’s always best to ask a professional to make sure you’re cleaning the disposal correctly. 

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