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Electricity And Bathroom Remodels: A Tricky Combination

bathroom remodel electric issues

“Has our shower always been this small?”

“Why is the exhaust fan so loud?”

“When will we get around to remodeling this room?”

Alabamians are spending more time at home than ever. And we’re all probably staring at our same old bathroom floors and counters more than ever. 

Do you think it’s time to remodel your master or guest bathroom? 

Home renovations can be exciting, and, like most homeowners, you probably want to get started on new projects right away. As you’re making the “fun” decisions (i.e., paint colors, tile samples, etc.), you’re probably also overlooking an important component of any bathroom remodel: electrical upgrades. 

Yes, in addition to the aesthetic changes happening in the throne room, there might be even more changes that should happen behind the walls of your bathroom. 

The advice we would give homeowners ready to remodel a bathroom

Think about your electrical panel. If you’re making smart upgrades or additions to your existing bathroom, you might realize that your current electrical panel also needs an upgrade. 

Too many circuits connected to a panel is dangerous, so consult with an electrician (call Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air!) before budgeting for upgrades and changes so that you get an idea of what activity should take place (and how much that activity should cost.) 

Make an appointment with a professional electrician, but ensure you know where the electrical panel is before they arrive. Familiarize yourself with this part of your home and ask the electrician if this also needs an upgrade. 

What kinds of upgrades should you consider with a bathroom remodel? 

Some homeowners aren’t aware of the newest technologies and bathroom features available to them. These include: 

  • Wireless switches to turn lights on/off from anywhere
  • Smart blinds and window coverings that can open or close at certain times during the day
  • USB ports available to charge devices
  • Bluetooth speakers installed in or around the shower
  • Quieter exhaust fans
  • Light features upgraded to include energy-efficient LED lights
  • A new plug or two nearer to your vanity for hair dryers or other small appliances

And much more. 

Even if your home is “seasoned,” it can still feature many of the conveniences of newer homes. But electrical components are the best place to start to ensure it’s safe to make these changes. 

If you have an older home, such as a home built in the 1970s or earlier, it is probably a good idea to replace the wiring in rooms, such as the kitchen or bathroom. 

Building and housing codes change over time, so older homes are likely not up to codes by today’s standards. 

The biggest issue we see in bathroom remodel jobs

If you realize you need upgrades, electrical systems are one area of the home that it’s probably not wise to DIY

Some homeowners, trying to be economical, will dabble in electrical work only to find that they have open splices. A splice connects two or more wires, but an open splice means those connections are not contained in an electrical box. 

Open splices are a significant safety hazard, especially in a room that gets a lot of water and moisture everywhere. Make sure you hire a professional (and licensed) electrician for your repairs. 

Be sure to ask what type of warranty they offer on parts and labor. Having an experienced, professional electrical contractor on the job can make all the difference. 

What about regular maintenance?

Homeowners must check their GCFI electrical outlets frequently. Do you know how to do this in your home? 

These outlets appear in areas where water is likely to accumulate – kitchens, bathrooms, or outside the home. Regular testing will ensure these outlets work properly and eliminate the risk of electrical shock.

Our Dixie Cares Plan ensures your electrical systems are inspected annually to identify and prevent any problem areas before they become problems. 

Ready to upgrade your bathroom or make your electrical systems more “with the times?” Contact our professionals today. And while you’re at it, Dixie can help with your plumbing systems to ensure everything is perfect with your remodel! 

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