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Financial Help for Purchasing Your New Heating and Air Conditioning Conditioning at Dixie

Purchasing Your New System - Call DixieThere’s no easy way to say it: the cost of replacing your old cooling and heating system is not cheap. We know that many of our customers can use all the help they can get in purchasing a new system.
That help can come in the form of federal and local government funding and rebate programs. The Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit is a significant national resource and in Alabama, there are local and regional rebates available on some improvements. Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air also offers rebates which may be available through the purchase of our American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning equipment.
And don’t forget, Dixie offers a variety of in-house financing options that make it easier to pull the trigger on replacing your worn-out system. We will work with you no matter your financial or budgetary situation.
Your new high-efficiency home comfort system will do more than just provide money-saving climate control for years to come. It will also help keep our our planet in good condition for future generations. Earth Day is April 22, which means it’s important to realize the significance of reducing our carbon footprint on the environment. By replacing your old, inefficient and potentially environmentally-damaging system, you can do your part.