Top 3 Common Electrical Issues In the Wintertime

Top 3 Common Electrical Issues In the Wintertime

Household electrical issues can occur regardless of the time of year. Storms may cause tree limbs to fall or even ice on power lines, leading to power outages. Restored power can cause the electricity to surge. Whenever you’re hit with an electrical challenge, Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air is ready to help. In Central Alabama, our satisfied clients know: Call Dixie, and it’s done!

One way to help avoid electric problems is by including electrical maintenance in your home’s annual home comfort checkup. Like HVAC, finding electrical issues before they become larger and likely more expensive problems is a much better alternative. 

Several electrical issues are prone to happen during the winter months. Knowing what they are and when you should ask for help is key. The three most common cold-weather electrical challenges are:

Increase electrical use for heating and Christmas. The biggest holiday of the year is usually filled with lights and more lights. The increased demand for your home’s electric service can cause tripped breakers and, in extreme cases, burned-out panels. Call Dixie to upgrade your electrical service. 

Power outages. As we said, extreme weather can cause downed power lines. While not all outages can be avoided, trimming trees and shrubs, so they don’t interfere with lines may help. To further help, have a portable generator on hand or consider a whole-house generator. To avoid possible power surges when the electricity is restored, ask Dixie about getting a whole-house surge protector. 

Outdated appliances and equipment. Old space heaters, electric blankets, or other well-loved winter fixtures can wreak havoc on breakers. Old outlets and switches fall into this category, too. If your home is older, check these items for any wear and tear. 

Don’t take chances this winter with worn appliances or outdated panels, or breakers. 

Call Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air today for a review of your home’s electric service.