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Clogged Drain? 7 Materials Never to Put Down Your Drains

7 Materials Never to Put Down Your Drains

Clogged drains are inconvenient, messy, and if the stoppage leads to interior water damage, it can become expensive to boot. If you’re a homeowner with a clogged drain in need of a plumber in Montgomery, Alabama, call Dixie 

Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air has skilled and certified plumbers who can handle any plumbing repair issue you may have, including a clogged drain line. We have successfully helped many clients throughout Central Alabama by opening drain lines to keep their household plumbing running smoothly and efficiently.

There are steps you can take, though, to prevent drains from becoming clogged.

Avoid a Clogged Drain – Never Put the Following Down Your Drains:

Coffee grounds – Reusable coffee filters have become quite popular. When cleaning them for the next pot, don’t rinse the grounds down the drain. Coffee grounds are not totally water-soluble and over time can adhere to other substances to clog drain lines. 

Egg shells – Many people think eggshells are harmless when it comes to drain lines and are easily handled in the kitchen garbage disposal. The truth is they’re hard on the blades and the membranes may wrap around the grinder. The ground shells, like coffee grounds, can also combine with other substances to create drain clogging sludge. 

Rice or Pasta – Both are starches that absorb water. They do not normally dissolve completely but can continue to swell making them risky to drain lines.

Pharmaceuticals – While not necessarily harmful to drain lines, medicines are environmentally hazardous to the water supply so should never be washed down the drain. 

Butter, margarine, mayonnaise and other fat based sauces – All of these can congeal when washed down the drain. Over time they can build up and lead to a drain clog.

Grease and other fats – Like butter, margarine and the like, these can also congeal over time and combine with other debris, causing a stoppage.

Cooking oil – Many believe that since oils are not animal-fat based, they’re safe to go down the drain. FALSE. These oily substances are not unlike the sauces, butter or margarine, etc. They will clog drain lines over time. 

 Don’t mess around with slow running drain lines. Avoid the mess and expense of a clog. Call Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air for every plumbing need.