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Fire Safety: Four Common Culprits of Fire Hazards

fire safety

October is Fire Safety Month! While some fire hazards in your home are obvious, such as candles, matches, stoves, there are some common dangers that you may be overlooking.  

Watch Out For These Four Common Culprits

It only takes one minor fire risk to endanger your home and your family. The best way to pursue fire safety is by raising awareness of potential dangers in your home. Our expert electricians at Dixie have outlined several culprits that could be putting your home at risk.

1. Power Cords

In many homes and offices, power cords are a staple for extending the use of your outlets. However, power cords often go overlooked after being plugged in. But if you have pets, it’s typical for the rubber casing to become chew toys. Additionally, their proximity to carpet and furniture makes them especially dangerous as fire hazards.

To reduce risk, homeowners should regularly check their power strips and extension cords for any signs of fraying.

2. Grills

While generally safer than charcoal or propane grills, electric grills can still pose a fire risk. If an extension cord is used that is not suitable for outdoor use, or if the grill isn’t properly cleaned, these devices can be dangerous. Additionally, the risk is even more significant when a grill is placed on a balcony or deck. As football season approaches, make sure to take the necessary steps to keep your home safe.

3. Outdoor Outlets

As the weather begins to cool, it’s the perfect season for outdoor entertainment. Having an outdoor outlet can be a significant convenience on a porch or deck, but it can be a safety concern too. When installing outdoor outlets, they should never be placed near a water source. Also, it’s best to always have covers for your outside electrical outlets. This way, you can keep them clean of dirt and grime that could cause malfunctions.

4. Electrical Systems

With time, it’s common for your home’s electrical systems to experience wear and tear. Overloaded circuits, older wiring, or outdated fixtures all pose fire risks in a home. That’s why homes, especially older homes, should have their electrical systems inspected annually. While homeowners can do some simple things to check their electrical systems, hiring a professional electrician is best.


Safe & Sound Electrical Inspections


At Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air, a primary way that we recommend staying safe is through our routine Safe & Sound electrical inspections. The best way to ensure continuous and reliable electrical services is through electrical maintenance by Dixie’s licensed electricians. If you’re looking for ways to ensure fire safety in your home, schedule an electrical inspection today!

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