Insure Your Business Against Costly Electrical Breakdowns

You wouldn’t think about operating your business without the protection of liability insurance. So, why would you operate your business without an electrical preventive maintenance (EPM) program to promote fire and electrical safety?
It is nothing more than insurance protecting you against the costs caused by electrical breakdowns, and limit danger through electrical fire prevention.
When you call one of the professional electricians at Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air in Montgomery, AL or Auburn, AL, EPM is one of the most important services we can provide.
When you start searching for an electrician in Montgomery, AL, you need to be assured you’re getting one qualified to do EPM. It is a specialty our Dixie electricians are trained in. They all meet the NFPA 70E requirements established by the National Fire Protection Association at the request of OSHA. This means they are trained in safety-related maintenance and how to prevent costly breakdowns.
Too often it’s so-called little things causing problems. According to the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, nearly a third of failures are caused by dirty of loose connections. A quality preventative inspection by a Dixie professional will increase electrical fire safety by including these services and much more:

  • Cleaning: This step is easy to ignore but is critical. Dust and dirt is removed from circuit breakers, vents, and switches.
  • Nuts & Bolts: Weak and loose connections cause overheating and can damage your valuable equipment. Dixie’s team will make sure each bolted connection meets code standards.
  • Visual Inspection: Dixie’s experienced electricians are trained to spot the anything that looks incorrect and could lead to a future problem.
  • Thermal Imaging: Dixie has the most up-to-date devices to locate heat sources and hot spots in walls and ceilings.

Dixie stands alone among Montgomery electrical contractors in providing these sorts of services. When you call, ask for Michael, Bubba, or Buck. They are the heart of our electrical preventive maintenance team.
Still wondering if it’s worth the money? Consider these numbers from the Hartford Insurance Company:

  • 3 times greater: The failure rate on components NOT part of a preventive program
  • ⅔ of electrical failures: That’s how many can be prevented by routine preventive maintenance
  • Millions of dollars: Estimated costs each year from damage and lost business caused by electrical failures

When you call Dixie, we can schedule your EPM and you can plan for it. You can prepare for any downtime in advance. Compare that to a major electrical breakdown. You have to wait for emergency service and your business is turned upside down. Call Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air before that happens.