Joy to Life Walk of Life 2014

Happy Fantastic Friday!!  So sorry I am so tardy in posting the update from this event. It has been a wonderfully busy couple of weeks for us at Dixie, the phones have been ringing, electrical and plumbing calls have been scheduled, and I have had no time to post the pictures and information from the amazing Walk of Life.
As I am sure a lot of you know (because you were there too), it was a magical day.  There were so many people, all participating for the same cause.  There was so much love, compassion, endurance, and solidarity in the air.
Once again, my wonderful Dixie Family generously sponsored us to walk.  They always make it possible to raise much-needed funds.  We are committed to our community and love to take every opportunity we can to make a difference.
I thank everyone who was there in person, those who donated but could not make the walk, and also all the wonderful dedicated volunteers that make this event possible every year.  Don’t forget to check out Lucy’s (The Dixie Dog) fabulous pink toenails:)  We hope to see you there next year!!!
Walk of Life 2014 rev4Walk of Life 2014 rev3
Walk of Life 2014 rev2walk of life 2014 rev1