5 Reasons Why Light Bulbs Burn Out Too Quickly

5 Reasons Why Light Bulbs Burn Out Too Quickly

Light bulbs can be expensive to replace when you’re talking about the total number you have throughout your home. Replacing them because they’ve burned out quickly is frustrating and hard on the budget. 

There are several reasons why light bulbs prematurely burn out. By being aware of these factors, you can take steps to extend the life of your bulbs and avoid the inconvenience and expense of frequent bulb replacements.

Five of the most common reasons why light bulbs burn out so quickly are:

  1. Overuse and Heat Buildup: One of the most common reasons for light bulbs burning out prematurely is overuse. If a light bulb is left on for too long, it can generate excessive heat, which can cause the filament to burn out. This is particularly true for incandescent bulbs, which generate a lot of heat. So, if you are using incandescent bulbs, it’s important to turn them off when they are not needed.
  2. Power Surges: Power surges can also cause light bulbs to burn out prematurely. If there is a sudden surge of electricity, it can overload the filament, causing it to burn out. This is particularly true for LED bulbs, which are more sensitive to power surges than incandescent bulbs. To further help with power surges, call Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air for more information about a whole-house surge protector.
  3. Vibration: Light bulbs can also burn out prematurely due to vibration. If a bulb is in a location where it is subjected to a lot of vibration, such as in a ceiling fan or near a door that is frequently opened and closed, it can cause the filament to break, leading to premature burnout.
  4. Poor Quality: Low-quality light bulbs may also burn out prematurely. If a bulb is not manufactured to high standards, it may have a weaker filament, which can lead to burnout. Additionally, low-quality bulbs may not be able to withstand power surges or temperature changes as well as higher quality bulbs.
  5. Wrong Wattage: Another common reason for light bulbs burning out prematurely is using the wrong wattage bulb. If a bulb is too powerful for a fixture, it can generate too much heat, causing the filament to burn out. Conversely, if a bulb is not powerful enough, it may not generate enough heat to keep the filament hot, leading to premature burnout. It’s important to always use the correct wattage bulb for a fixture to ensure longevity.

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