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Landscape Lighting

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    What kind of exterior lighting do you have at your home? If the answer is, “Well I have a front porch light what more do I need?” It’s time to call Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air so we can have a long talk about the benefits of an exterior lighting plan.


    There are two words you hear a lot when it comes to buying and selling homes: Curb appeal. Exterior lighting is a great way to leave a lasting impression. Lighting is one of the easiest ways to change the appearance of a home. Even if you’re not selling your home right now, it’s still a great way to set your house apart from others in the neighborhood. And when it does come time to sell, exterior illumination is an extra hook to attract prospective buyers.

    It’s party time

    If you like to entertain after the sun goes down, exterior lighting is a necessity. Lighted pathways, decks, and outdoor kitchens make it much easier for guests to enjoy the evenings. Any good lighting design should take into account after dark entertaining.


    Entertaining aside, good lighting simply makes your home safer. It will also protect you against lawsuits resulting from accidents on your property. Lighted walkways and steps mean visitors are much less likely to trip and fall. If you have a swimming pool, good lighting is mandatory to assure nighttime safety.


    Any law enforcement agency will tell you, people with bad intentions don’t like well-lit homes. No thief wants to be caught in the act with motion sensor lighting. Exterior fixtures surrounding your property are like an early detection system. Homeowners can spot potential threats while staying safe inside. Motion detectors should also be a part of any exterior lighting plan.

    LEDs are hot

    Not literally of course because these lights generate very little heat, but they are the popular choice when it comes to exterior lighting. The shift away from other types (incandescent & halogen) is understandable when you consider all the benefits that LED lights have to offer:

    • Use less electricity
    • Bulbs last for thousands of hours
    • Wide variety of types and color tones

    LED lights also come in low voltage (12 volt vs. 120 volt) models which means the wiring required is easier and simpler to install.

    Depend on Dixie

    If you are ready to make your home more valuable, attractive, and safe, call Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air. We’ll show you how a custom designed exterior lighting plan can help make it happen. Remember our motto, “Call Dixie, and it’s done!”