Plumbing Backflow

Plumbing Backflow

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    Sometimes the best way to describe something that seems complicated is with a simple real-world comparison. Do you get a little grossed out when you see people sharing sips from a bottle of water or soft drink? Maybe you just can’t get the idea of the saliva backwash out of your mind. Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air thinks that’s a great way to think about backflow in your home’s plumbing system.

    Backflow prevention

    Your home’s plumbing system has two distinct jobs: deliver drinking (potable) water and dispose of wastewater. The two must never mix. That’s why your home is equipped with design elements and devices to prevent backflow and keep the two systems apart. Other water sources CAN potentially cause issues through back siphoning—which can create health concerns.

    What causes it?

    The most common cause of backflow is a drop in water pressure in the main water supply, often caused by a water main break. A drop in pressure in the potable water system can siphon or suck contaminated water into the water supply.

    Modern plumbing fixtures almost always have built-in backflow protection. For example, faucet nozzles are always above the high water mark in sinks and bathtubs. The faucet never comes in contact with the foul water. There are a couple of areas that deserve special attention: Garden hoses hooked to outdoor spigots and irrigation systems. If you have any doubts about your system, call in a plumber to make sure there is backflow protection.

    Backflow valve

    This is the final line of defense to prevent foul water in your home from backing up into the public water supply. That’s why many communities, including Montgomery and Auburn AL, require homeowners to have backflow testing annually.

    Don’t ignore notices

    If you have received a notice for backflow testing do not ignore it. If the test is not performed the city can shut off your water until the test is completed AND you will have to pay a fee to have the service restored. Only a licensed, certified plumbing professional is allowed to perform backflow testing to uphold the city of Montgomery and city of Auburn requirement. Dixie is one of the approved providers for both cities. You can get the entire list of providers from the city you live in.

    Treat this seriously

    When backflow protection fails the result can be illness. It’s easy to get frustrated with municipal regulations, but without backflow testing requirements it’s impossible to guarantee the safety of the drinking water we all use.

    Call Dixie and it’s done

    Having your backflow testing performed is among the most important things you can do to keep your family and community safe. Backflow testing is just one more way our Auburn and Montgomery plumbers from Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air are here to help you.