110 Years and Going Strong–Count on Dixie Electric Plumbing & Air

History of Dixie Electric Plumbing & Air

Experience the journey through time with our 110 year old time machine. Let’s get in the Dixie Electric, Plumbing, and Air time machine for a quick trip back to 1908 , the year we opened for business. Maybe the first thing you want to do when you arrive is have a little snack. You could start with a Hershey candy bar for two cents. A trip to the grocery store will include buying eggs for 14 cents a dozen, and sugar for four cents a pound. Of course, the average wage is 22 cents an hour, which amounts to $572 a year if you worked 50 hours a week for all 52 weeks of the year.
If you stuck around for all of 1908, you would have witnessed some impressive firsts:

  • The first Model T was produced (it sold for $825)
  • The first passenger went airborne on a Wright Brothers airplane
  • The first New Year’s ball drop in Times Square

The point we’re making is that Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air has been here for all of it. First providing electrical, then plumbing, and eventually heating and air conditioning service for Montgomery, AL.  Maybe we’re not on the historical level of the Model T, but our early history was pretty significant. We played a key role in electrifying Montgomery and the surrounding area, and was the company chosen by the city to maintain the first electric streetcar system in the nation.

Today, Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air provides a full range of services to more than 10,000 residential and commercial customers, and we’re adding more every day. We’ve added an office in Auburn to serve that rapidly growing city, as well as Opelika.

Through all of the amazing changes we have seen there has been one constant. Our appreciation for our customers. For all 110 years, our reputation has been based on these overriding principles:

  1. Do quality work all the time
  2. Guarantee 100 percent satisfaction.

It starts with hiring great people. Everyone who comes to your house from Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air is background checked, drug tested, and highly trained. You have our assurance that you and your family will be treated with respect.

The next time you need air conditioning service or a plumber in Montgomery, AL or the surrounding area, who are you going to trust? Some name you pull up on the internet or on your phone? NO! Trust the company that has been earning your trust and serving your friends, family members, and neighbors for more than a century. Call Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air because we plan on serving your needs for another 110 years.