Dixie's Top 5 Plumbing Problems

Make no mistakes, plumbing emergencies and everyday plumbing problems are nothing to fool around with. The average water damage insurance claim is $10,000. So, let’s count it down, the top five emergencies/problems Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air is called on to deal with.

  1. In 5th place, the water leaks you see & hear, and the ones you don’t:

When you hear that dripping sound, you know you’re wasting money and it’s time to call our licensed plumbers in Montgomery, AL and Auburn. Many times, it’s a leaky faucet driving a homeowner crazy. We can fix those problems pretty easily. But more importantly, when you call on an expert he or she can prevent more serious problems. Much of your plumbing system is out of sight and out of mind and it takes a trained professional to make sure there are no water leaks you can’t see.

  1. Dangerous gas leaks:

Natural gas is a wonderful energy source for the home, but you should never forget it is a highly flammable and explosive fuel. If there is any hint of a gas leak in your home, you should leave the house immediately and call 9-1-1. Suppliers add a harmless chemical to natural gas so you can smell it quickly if there is a leak. The best way to prevent a disaster is an annual inspection of your Montgomery, Alabama home by one of our team of plumbers. Your annual plumbing inspection includes the gas lines to check for any sign of loose or corroded fittings.

  1. Clogged drains & toilets are in 3rd place:

We all know this is a common problem and many times it is something minor, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t serious consequences. If the clog isn’t dealt with quickly it can cause a serious backup. This is especially true if the clog moves into the sewer pipe outside the house. The result could be a catastrophic sewage backup into your home.

  1. Water heaters full of sediment are number 2 on the hit parade:

This is what happens when people ignore their water heaters which is something we see all the time. Regular water heater maintenance can flush those sediments out of the tank. Without maintenance, the sediment continues to settle in the bottom of the tank. It takes up space in the tank, meaning you have less hot water and you’re wasting energy because you actually have to heat the sediment.

  1. And the winner is leaky/constantly running toilets:

This is not a minor annoyance. This is costing you money, and maybe a lot of money. If the toilet is running constantly it can use as much as 200 gallons every day, in effect doubling a family’s typical water use. So, if you start seeing higher than normal water bills, the first suspect should be a leaky toilet.

So, there you have it, the countdown of the top five plumbing problems that can turn into emergencies from Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air. Call us now to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.