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5 Benefits of Super Jetter / Drain Cleaning

The term “commercial grade” is used to describe many different things from lawnmowers to table saws. In short, it means high-quality. If you are a business owner or have commercial buildings, the term should also extend to your plumbing system. Commercial plumbing must stand up to many challenges:

  • Systems are larger & more complicated
  • Many, often dozens, of users every day
  • The use or presence of harsh commercial cleaners & chemicals

Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air has experienced commercial plumbers on staff trained to handle any problem you might experience in your Auburn or Montgomery, Alabama business.

Super Jetter Can Unclog Drains

This is one problem we are well equipped to deal with. There are many ways to go about drain cleaning but one of the most effective is using a super jetter or hydro-jetter. Not every plumbing company has this tool available. It uses extremely high-pressure water jets, similar to a pressure washer, to blast open drain blockages.

Super Jetter Benefits

The super jetter is capable of removing a traditional clog of say hair and grease but can also remove tree roots in sewer lines. There are many advantages compared to the use of a plumber’s snake.


We will use a video camera snaked into the pipe to determine the exact location of the blockage and make sure there are no broken or damaged pipes. The super jetter is then inserted to that spot and jets of water up to 8,000 psi break up the blockage.


Snaking a sewer pipe may remove the blockage, but it doesn’t really do any drain cleaning. The super jetters high-pressure water removes ALL the dirt and grime inside the pipe.

Saves money

The upfront cost may be a bit higher than snaking, but because the super jetter removes the dirt and grime, there’s much less chance there will be another blockage. Saving you the cost of another service call by a commercial plumber.  Additionally, because we can accurately locate the blockage, there is no expensive (and messy) excavation work outside your building.

Cleaner & more sanitary

Whatever caused the blocked drain is blasted down the sewer pipe by the super jetter. When a snake is used, the debris and sewage have to be pulled inside to be disposed of.

Good for the environment

The jetting process requires no cleaners or chemicals of any sort to be put into the sewer pipe. All it uses is water and very little and a lot of pressure.

Commercial grade plumbing services

Just as the name implies, a commercial grade is the best. It’s what you will receive from Dixie, Electric, Plumbing & Air and it’s what your business deserves. Call us for any problems in your Auburn & Montgomery, AL businesses.