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Repair leaky pipes with Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air

The Pipe Under My Sink is Leaking. What Do I Do?

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No one likes a leaking pipe! Leaking pipes can be problematic for homeowners because they can cause significant water damage, impact water pressure, and influence the water supply. Not to mention, a leaking pipe can waste 90 gallons or more…

Professional HVAC technician inspecting residential HVAC system

5 DIY Tips for Spring Cleaning your Air Conditioning Unit

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Sunny skies, warmer weather, and eye-pleasing plants are in bloom, which means it’s nearly time to turn on the air conditioning!  Along with springtime comes the notorious season of spring cleaning. Spring cleaning isn’t just for decluttering your home, but…

Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air professional plumber repairing a residential garbage disposal repair

3 Easy-To-Follow Tips To Get Your Garbage Disposal Running

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What do you do when you're standing by your sink, flipping the switch to your garbage disposal, and nothing happens? Many homeowners have experienced the strange silence or humming noise that accompanies broken garbage disposals.  The main question on your…

Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air professional electrician installing modern interior lighting

Top 4 Interior Lighting Tips To Boost the Mood in Your Home

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Believe it or not, interior lighting can totally transform your home. We’ve all experienced the effects of lighting design – from the tranquility that comes with cozy interiors and soft lighting to the anxiety felt under bright fluorescent bulbs. Whether…