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Commercial Electrical Problems: How To Avoid Risky Mistakes Made by Industrial Plants

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When it comes to industrial and manufacturing plants, every business wants to keep everything running efficiently. Anything that results in downtime can be a significant issue for manufacturing and industrial plants, whereby productivity is critical. A major part of remaining productive is by a reliable and safe electrical system.


Three Common Electrical Mistakes Made by Industrial Plants


While it can be tempting to address electrical issues on your own, electrical mistakes not only reduce efficiency but can be dangerous to employees. Our experienced commercial electricians at Dixie Electrical, Plumbing, & Air have seen and addressed many electrical issues while working on projects here in Alabama. By looking at the most common errors made by manufacturing plants in further detail, our goal is to make sure these common electrical mistakes do not occur at your commercial facility.

1. Excessive Power Loads

One of the biggest mistakes that we see many manufacturing plants make is when they experience a sudden loss of power due to an excessive power load. When you overload the system, this can trip the electrical safety triggers, which will bring all commercial activities to a halt. Often, this is an issue that you can fix yourself by locating the fuse box or the main breaker panel. However, you should be aware that some commercial electrical systems are quite complicated, with many switches. This is not something you should play around with! It’s always better to call a professional if you are unsure. 


2. An Electrical System that is Inadequate for the Appliances Used 

Another mistake that we see industrial plants make is using an electrical circuit that does not handle the number of high voltage appliances within the setting. Some of these can result in circuit breaking whenever these appliances are in operation. This is especially the case if they are in operation at the same time. If this is the case, it is vital to use a commercial electrician. Our team can move some of the appliances to another circuit or install a different circuit breaker. 

3. Exposed Electrical Wires

Exposed electrical wires can be very worrying! Within any setting, they can cause an electric fire, which is a hazardous safety issue. If an outlet is continuously producing sparks, this indicates a significant build-up of heat in the outlets. This can cause the insulating wires around the electric outlet to melt. This is when you can end up with exposed electric wires, which can result in a fire. If any employees notice appliances or outlets that are excessively hot, they should make a safety representative aware of this as soon as possible. 

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