Dixie’s Summer Comfort Checklist

We have all come to depend on air conditioning to keep us comfortable during the long, hot Alabama summer. This dependence has often made us forget that people lived here long before the air conditioning revolution. Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air has been around since 1908, and we’re not saying we want to go back to those days; but there are some lessons to remember about ways to keep the house cool. Here is our common-sense list of how to stay comfortable, save money by shrinking those summer electric bills, and avoid the need for A/C repairs in your Montgomery, AL home:

1. Don’t heat the house up unnecessarily

When the weather is hot, try not to use your oven or stove top for cooking meals. Use your microwave or cook outside on a grill.

2. Use your ceiling fans (or install them)

Let’s be very clear, fans do not cool the air; but they can make you feel cooler. When you feel cooler, you can set the thermostat a couple of degrees higher even when you are home. Make sure the fan blades are turning counterclockwise to get the cooling breeze.

3. Pay attention to your windows

About 30% of the unwanted heat in your home comes from the sunshine streaming through your windows. Using shades, curtains, and blinds is the best way to prevent your home from turning into a really large greenhouse.

4. Ditch the old incandescent lights

Try holding your hand close to one of these light bulbs. Not easy to do is it? About 90% of the energy used by the old-fashioned bulbs is converted into heat, not light.  On a hot evening, those lights can make your house even warmer. Call Dixie find out how easy it is to upgrade to energy efficient LED lighting.

5. Get regular maintenance for your air conditioner

Yes, Dixie understands you’ve heard this before, but it’s the simple truth. Regular tune ups and maintenance will improve the efficiency of your A/C, and that translates to greater comfort and lower monthly bills.

Don’t forget about the energy saving value of installing a programmable thermostat, or using the one you have. If you are like millions of other people, you leave your home for several hours every day. As much as you love your Labradoodle and your African Violets, it doesn’t make any sense to keep them cool all day long. The beauty of a programmable thermostat is your home will be nice and cool when you return.
Don’t hesitate to call Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air with any questions about the best way to keep your home comfortable during the long summer ahead.