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Does Landscape Lighting Increase Home Value?

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Outdoor landscape lighting is a popular trend in the home-improvement industry. According to Houzz, 90% of people who have professional landscape lighting installed on their properties say they would do it again. If you’re thinking about adding some lights outside your home, here are just some of the reasons why:

Landscape lighting can create an inviting atmosphere for your home

Landscape lighting provides a sense of warmth and comfort and makes your home look more inviting, especially when lighting is placed in specific areas such as walkways, pools and patios. Guests will enjoy the look and feel safer when visiting. 

Outdoor lighting makes your home look more attractive during the evening hours, which is when many buyers do drive-bys to the homes they’re interested in buying. The right outdoor lighting can make your home look more inviting and modern, as well as bigger and more expensive.

In the evening, landscape lighting provides a sense of security by creating visible pathways and illuminating areas that are very dark. 

Strategically placed landscape lighting will allow you to see better when going in and out of your house at night. When you’re carrying groceries or other items, having bright lights on the path makes the task safer and easier. Lights also make it easier to see things that are out of the ordinary, like intruders or stray animals, adding a layer of safety and making you feel more secure.

Indoor-outdoor designs allow owners to take advantage of the visual connection between their home and the outdoors.

The connection between your home and the outdoors is an important part of any landscape design. A cohesive look is both inviting and functional. Here are some ways you can use lighting to enhance this connection:

Use lights to highlight features of your home such as unusual or beautiful architectural details or other elements that make your house unique, such as curved walls or windows with interesting frames. The immediate area around those areas, such as plantings or pathways, will also be illuminated, creating continuity between the interior and exterior of your home.

Landscape lighting is a great way to enhance your home’s curb appeal. It can make your property more attractive to buyers and give them a sense of security when they visit. It’s also practical for safety reasons, because it allows you to see better at night when there are no streetlights or other sources of illumination nearby.

If you’re interested in having landscape lighting installed to enhance the look and safety around your home, just call Dixie, and it’s done! Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air has trained staff who can offer solutions and install landscape lighting that looks great, works well and meets your budget.  

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