Flush This, Not That: 10 Rules for Your Commode

what not to flush down toilet

What sounds more appealing to you: Making a habit of flushing the right things down the toilet or flushing money down the drain in expensive plumbing repairs?
For many homeowners, these are your choices. Unfortunately, many people have not been taught the proper ways of disposing things (other than the obvious.) It often ends up costing more money in the long run. 

Why Can’t I Flush Anything I Want Down The Toilet? 

Your toilet plumbing system represents an interconnectedness that impacts everything else in and outside of your home. The pipes should be cared for so as not to cause damage to other parts of your house.
Also, once waste leaves your home, it’s processed in ways that can impact our environment and the areas around our cities. 
That said, here are ten things you might be flushing now that you might want to reconsider. 

10 Things You Should Never-Ever Flush Down Your Toilet

  1. Baby, cleaning, and – yes – even some flushable wipes. Many wipes are made with materials that don’t break down properly in your plumbing system and can easily cause clogs. Even if the wipes say “flushable” on the packaging, it’s always best to flush toilet paper only. 
  2. Q-Tips and cotton pads. For the same reasons, Q-tips and cotton won’t break down in the water and get stuck in pipes or cause other plumbing issues. 
  3. Feminine hygiene products. Many of these products will even say on the packaging DO NOT FLUSH, but many still do. Stop, and remind your family members too.
  4. Dental floss. For this one, it’s a matter of convenience. You’re grooming by the sink, which is next to the toilet, and you extend your arm and drop the floss in the commode. This is a big no-no, as specific problems could ensue later on. Though your dentist would be proud, your neighborhood plumber would facepalm.  
  5. Paper towels or Kleenex tissues. Like many wipes, paper towels and tissues are meant to be “sturdier” than toilet paper, so they don’t break down once they reach the water or plumbing system. 
  6. Medication. If you are in the habit of flushing old or expired medication, you should know that while the impact isn’t immediate to your home, it could cause detrimental  environmental impacts later on once the drug reaches treatment facilities outside of your home. 
  7. Cigarette Butts. Cigarette butts are another issue that causes both a plumbing impact and an environmental impact. Do not flush cigarettes. Simply dispose of them in another way.
  8. Cat litter. Some cat litter even says “flushable” on the side of the box, so why is it a bad idea? Some flushable cat litter isn’t made for specific septic systems and could harm your pipes. It’s always best to throw away cat litter in the garbage rather than down the toilet.  
  9. Hair. When cleaning out your hairbrushes in your bathroom, it’s tempting to reach over and toss the excess hair in a toilet. However, if you do this regularly, clogs can build up and damage the plumbing in your home. 
  10. Bleach. If bleach is part of your cleaning routine, make sure you don’t pour it down your toilet. Bleach is made with harsh chemicals that can erode your pipes from the inside out. 

The Bathroom Trash Can: A Simple, Elegant Solution

If you’re concerned about whether to flush something, always err on the side of caution and throw it away instead. 
Keeping a trash can next to your toilet is one solution. 
Are you worried about pollution or landfills due to too much trash going out of your home? Do some research and look for more responsible ways to dispose of certain products such as recycling an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll (while throwing away the paper towels) or utilizing a community drug disposal program at a local pharmacy.  
The inconvenience of throwing something away or taking time to dispose of it correctly is nothing compared to the inconvenience of a complete plumbing overhaul in your home.  

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