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Decorative and Inspiring Ideas on Upgrading Your Home’s Electrical Capabilities

home electrical upgrades

You’ve decided to upgrade the electrical components in your home – that’s a smart choice! As technology and tools improve over the years, you’ll notice a significant upgrade in your home’s lighting and electrical capabilities by updating your system. 

Before you begin replacing everything, however, some thoughtful upgrades could make an even more significant impact on the electrical, lighting, and wiring systems throughout your home.

Change Up Your Design Style

Imagine soaking in the tub and looking at your beautiful new chandelier – yes, chandelier – in your bathroom. Or, create the perfect ambiance for your family’s new movie night tradition. All these things are possible when you’re upgrading your electrical system. Your imagination is your only limit.  

Switch to LED Lighting Throughout Your Home

Now is a great time to make the switch (pun intended) to LED lighting throughout your home. LED lights help make your home cooler, and they can also save you money on your monthly power bill. 

Clean Up Cables Around Your Entertainment Units

Ask your technician about securing cable wiring, TV plugs, and other unsightly cables around your entertainment centers or game rooms. Your TV and surrounding areas will not only look better, but loose wires can pose a severe safety hazard for young children in the home. Prevent shocks and fires by replacing cables that are stripped or putting them where little hands can’t find them. 

Add Whole-Home Surge Protectors

Alabama storms: you’ve got to expect them every so often – and the lightning that comes with them! Consider adding surge protectors to all major plugs and outlets in your home so that your appliances aren’t damaged when severe weather rolls in.  Did you know that we install whole-home surge protectors?  Find out more about how to protect your entire house from surges. 

Create a Decorative Lighting Plan For Your Yard

Since you’re upgrading the wiring inside your home, add a decorative flair to the lighting outside your home. Use this time to create a plan for making the exterior of your home more luminous at night. 

Add Security Lighting

In addition to the decorative appeal, lighting can be an important security measure outside of your home. Add floodlights or other lighting types to help you see what’s outside and feel safer inside your home. 

Upgrade Electrical Panels

If your home is over ten years old, have someone inspect the electrical panels, and see whether it’s time for an upgrade. Older homes, especially, should get a new electrical panel to avoid fire risk. Electrical additions are risky endeavors, so it’s always best to contact a licensed professional for any added circuits or upgrades to your electric system. 

Don’t Take Chances DIY-ing Your Electrical Repairs

Electrical repairs and upgrades can be intimidating, so if you’re unsure about working around electricity, give us a call. Our team of professionals can advise you on the proper electric upgrades for your home, possible solutions to save you money, and much more. 

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