3 Genius Ways to Hide TV Wires On Your Wall

3 Genius Ways to Hide TV Wires On Your Wall

When homes are built, the typical focus of the contractor regarding electric outlets is that they’re present. Little or no thought is given to convenience, technology or the specific uses of interior spaces. With the amount of technology used in homes today for much more than entertainment, the need for good wire-management solutions is high.

If you need to hide TV wires on your wall, Dixie offers these possible solutions:

  1. Use a Cable Raceway: One of the easiest and most effective ways to hide TV wires on your wall is by using a cable raceway. A cable raceway is a plastic or metal channel that is designed to hold wires and cables. You can attach the raceway to your wall using screws or adhesive tape. The raceway can then be painted to match the color of your wall, making it virtually invisible. This method is ideal for renters who cannot make permanent changes to their walls.
  2. Install an In-Wall Power and Cable Management Kit: If you want a more permanent solution for hiding TV wires, you can install an in-wall power and cable management kit. This kit includes a power outlet and cable management system that is installed behind the wall. You can then run your TV cables through the system, keeping them hidden from view. This method requires a bit more effort than using a cable raceway, but it provides a more seamless and professional-looking result.
  3. Use a Wall-Mounted Cord Cover: A wall-mounted cord cover is a cover that is designed to hide wires and cables that run down the wall. You can attach the cover to the wall using screws or adhesive tape. The cover then snaps shut, concealing the wires inside. This method is a good compromise between the other two options, as it provides a clean look without requiring extensive installation. However, it may not be suitable for all wall types and may be visible depending on the design of the cover.

Regardless of which method you choose, it’s important to plan your wire management strategy before mounting your TV on the wall. This will help ensure that your wires are hidden and that you don’t damage your wall or TV in the process. For further protection, you may also want to consider using a surge protector to protect your TV and other electronics from power surges and spikes.

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