Fire Hazards – Your Home May Be Keeping Sizzling Secrets

Some fire hazards in your home are obvious – candles, matches, and stoves.  But what about the fire hazards that aren’t so obvious?  Since the U.S. Fire Administration says that total property loss in the United States topped an estimated $15.5 billion in 2008, it only takes one overlooked hazard to cost thousands of dollars in damage.

A Few Common Culprits……..

  1. Power Cords – You should regularly check your power strips and extension cords for any signs of fraying.  Pets often choose the rubber casing for chew toys, and their proximity to carpets and furniture makes them especially dangerous as fire hazards.
  2. Electrical Systems – With time comes wear and tear.  That’s why homes, especially older homes, should have electrical systems inspected at least annually.  Overloaded circuits, older wiring, or outdated fixtures all pose fire risks.
  3. Grills – As the weather gets warmer and the grill comes out of hiding, be sure you are using it safely.  Make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned before first use (a degreasing solution may help).

Is Your House Safe?

  • Never – place electric cords under rugs or bedding.  Heat or sparks from these cords could cause a fire.
  • Check – electrical cords for signs of wear.  Replace frayed or cracked cords to prevent shock and fires.
  • Fix –  electrical problems right away.  If fuses blow often, circuit breakers trip often, switches get hot, or people are shocked, something is wrong.

Outdoor Electrical Outlet Safety
Having an outdoor outlet can be a huge convenience, but it can be a safety concern too.  Here are a few tips to help your family avoid those unneeded emergencies caused by those pesky outdoor electrical outlets.

  • Water hazards – When installing outlets, remember to be sure they are not placed near a water source.
  • Outlet Covers – Always have covers for your outside electrical outlets.  This can keep them clean of dirt and grime that could cause malfunctions.

I hope that you have a safe and happy week, don’t forget to call on us if you need us!!!