Is your home safe from fire risk? Safe & Sound with Ultrasonic Arc Detection

Is your home safe from fire risk?
This is a question of paramount importance, especially in Alabama, where the occurrence of house fires have historically been among the highest in the United States. A leading cause of house fires is problems with the electrical system. If your home was built during the time when aluminum wiring was sometimes substituted for copper (1965-1973), your home may be at risk for electrical system issues.
Our Safe & Sound Service offers you “pre-disaster” detection using highly sophisticated technologies including Ultrasonic Arc Detection and Infrared Thermal Imaging, which we have talked about in recent months . This equipment can “see” through walls, to detect problems before disaster strikes.
During our Safe & Sound Service, we will also utilize a complete circuit analyzer. This is an instrument that combines an ammeter, an ohmmeter, a voltmeter, and occasionally other electrical measurement or testing devices into one unit. The circuit analyzer verifies proper wiring while pinpointing loose connections and faulty grounds, all of which can potentially spark a fire inside your walls that you can’t even see.
Get your peace of mind by scheduling a Safe & Sound Inspection. Call Dixie, and it’s done.