The great state of Alabama is known for a lot of wonderful things, including sweet tea, college football excellence, exemplary southern hospitality, peanuts and rocket scientists. Yes, that last one is really true: the rocket engines that carried NASA’s astronauts to the moon were engineered and built in Huntsville.
Unfortunately, our state also ranks very high in the nation in the number of electrical house fires. This is primarily caused by the age of aluminum electrical wiring systems which are found in many Alabama homes. Electrical house fires can be deadly. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, there are more than 51,000 electrical fires each year. Those fires kill hundreds each year, injure thousands more and cause more than $1 billion in property damages.
Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air has long recognized and stressed the importance of fireguard services for our Montgomery and Auburn customers. Our Safe & Sound program utilizes cutting edge technology to detect potential electrical fire warning signs that are hidden from view. As part of this special service, our electricians perform Infrared Thermal Imaging and Ultrasonic Arc Protection tests, both of which are aimed at detecting warm wire connections or sparks that can cause fires.
In addition, our electrical technicians have completed all the necessary training to install Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs), breakers that detect electrical arcing or sparking. The primary purpose of AFCIs is to prevent deadly electrical fires from sparking up in your home. You may be asking, “what is the difference between AFCIs and GFCIs?” Well, a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter detects faulty grounds in your wiring system and is aimed at preventing electrical shocks.
Don’t worry, our professionally licensed technicians know the difference, so you don’t have to. They also know the National Electrical Code inside out. The NEC is the national standard code that mandates the proper wiring of electrical systems and accompanying equipment. Our pros follow all the NEC guidelines and are committed to making sure your home’s electrical system is as fireproof as it can be. If your system needs a new panel replacement and circuit breakers, we are ready to handle the job.

Get peace of mind for your family, drink your sweet tea and enjoy your Alabama-grown peanuts knowing your home has been inspected by our electricians. Call Dixie, and it’s done!