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A New Year Could Bring you a New Career

Another year is winding down and there you are in the same old job. Now, more than ever, you are wondering what your future will be like if you don’t make a change. Will you be able to afford your own house? Is there enough money to think about having a family?
If those thoughts are running through your head, you owe it to yourself to contact us at Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air to learn more about an electrical, plumbing or HVAC, career in Montgomery or Auburn AL. Too many people still think the only way to have a career is with a four-year college degree, and it’s just not true. The shortage of skilled workers like plumbers in Montgomery, AL and the entire U.S. is well established and shows no signs of changing. Instead of complaining or worrying about it, accept it for what it is. A great opportunity for anyone who’s willing to learn and work hard. The need among companies like Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air has never been greater.
Most of our heating and air conditioning technicians in Montgomery, AL graduate from a two-year program at a trade or technical school. We also offer internship and apprentice programs to help young people get hands-on experience and work their way up through the ranks. Here are just a few examples of what Dixie has to offer:

  • Outstanding pay
  • Great benefits
  • Retirement plan

And here is what we expect and need from you:

  • Background checked
  • Drug tested
  • Clean driving record

Just as importantly, we are looking for people with the right attitude and a friendly personality. Our employees are the ones who interact with the customers, so our reputation is based on the way you act in their homes. It’s why we are so stringent in our hiring requirements. We do it because we have to make our customers feel at ease when one of our plumbers, electricians, or HVAC technicians pulls up in a truck with our name on it.
When you work for Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air, you will be pleasantly surprised at the life and future you can build for yourself and for your current or future family. The pay is good and the industry offers job security. You can easily confirm it by doing just a few minutes of online research.
So, don’t spend another year in that dead-end retail job with no benefits and making slightly more than minimum wage. Find out how learning a skill can give you a career instead of a job. If you’re still in school, give some serious thought to what is the best future for you. Don’t just blindly invest hundreds of thousands of dollars and four years in a college degree you’re not excited about. You owe it to yourself to check out the opportunities at Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air. Go to our website to learn more about our current job opportunities and to apply. Make sure to share our Facebook page with your friends on social media who are also looking for a career.