Should You Get an Electrical Inspection After a Severe Storm?

electrical inspection after storm

While not always immediately necessary, conducting an electrical inspection after a severe storm can be a good way to ensure safety and functionality. Storms, particularly those accompanied by high winds, heavy rains, lightning strikes, or flooding, can significantly impact your home’s electrical system.

Storm damage can either be obvious like, downed power lines and visible damage to your house or hidden, like water entering electrical circuits. Lightning, in particular, can cause severe damage to a home’s electrical system. Potentially overloading circuits, burning out wires or causing power surges that can affect appliances. Floodwater, even if it seems to have receded without significant in-home flooding, could have compromised underground wiring or gotten into outdoor outlets and fixtures.

If you’re unsure of possible storm damage, call Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air to schedule a comprehensive electrical inspection, which is included in our Dixie Cares Maintenance Plan.

After a severe storm, your electrical system may exhibit signs of damage such as: flickering lights, inconsistent power supply, sparking or unusual noises. In such cases, an immediate inspection is necessary. However, damage might not always be so evident. A professional electrical inspection post-storm is an excellent way to ensure everything is working as it should be. This can prevent possible fire hazards or electrical shocks.

Importance of getting an electrical inspection:

While inspections carry a cost, the potential price of failing to address storm damage to your electrical system could be far higher. Potentially involving extensive repair works, replacement of appliances or even a home insurance claim if a fault causes a fire. Don’t take chances with your most valuable resource. Call Dixie today to schedule complete comfort systems maintenance.

Overall, the need for an inspection depends on the severity of the storm and the likelihood of damage to your electrical system. Given the potential risks, it is typically a good idea following a major storm to confirm your home remains safe and electrically sound.

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