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Six Tips to Get Your Lake House Ready For Fall And Winter

get lake house ready for fall

One of the wonderful things about owning a lake home is the feeling of being able to relax in a beautiful environment. 
Unfortunately for many lake homeowners, they forget that owning a second home means you’re responsible for cleaning, maintaining, and caring for that home – even in the off-season. 
As summer winds down and many people get out of the city to enjoy their summer lake home once more, perhaps for Labor Day,  now’s the perfect time to ensure your home is prepared for fall and winter months when it might be utilized less. 

Your Checklist for Off-Season Lake House Maintenance. 

Adjust Your Thermostat

Do some research on the average yearly temperatures at your lake home and ensure that you’ve adjusted the thermostat accordingly. Your home shouldn’t get too hot or too cold while you’re away. It’s similar to what you would do at your primary residence if you were going on vacation

Unplug All Smaller Electronics Within the Home 

Smaller electrical appliances, such as televisions, radios, or coffeemakers, should be unplugged if not used. In the event of faulty wiring, those appliances could cause fires. Because someone is not there at your lake home daily to ensure safety, it’s best to leave unplugged what you can. 

Empty the Refrigerator of All Food

Common sense dictates that an Alabama spring, summer, fall, or winter is likely to yield impressive (and damaging) storms. These storms cause power outages left and right. Don’t leave any food behind, even in a deep freezer. Unexpected and unknown power outages in your lake home’s area could result in food spoiled or left unsafe to eat. 

Embrace Smart Technology

If you’ve installed Smart Technology in your primary home, you can attest to its convenience and ability to save you money on utility costs. The same can be said of embracing Smart Home devices in your secondary home. 
Consider installing a Smart Thermostat or other appliances that allow you to safely and securely manage your lake home, no matter where you’re located, with the push of a button on your phone. 

Install Light Timers

Security is the main concern of lake homeowners, as they’re not physically available year-round to ensure the home is secure. In addition to installing a security system, we recommend lighting as a means to stay safe and keep your home from intruders. Timers, floodlights, and other lighting systems on the interior and exterior of your home help protect your home against unwanted guests in the off-season. 

Have a neighbor check-in occasionally

If you’re friendly with your neighbors, take turns driving to the lake in the off-season to check on one another’s homes. It’s always helpful to get a set of eyes on the property as much as possible to let you know of damage or any other issues you might not be aware of otherwise. 

Don’t let your second home be your last priority

Protect the investment in your second home by letting one of our experienced professionals properly inspect or make any repairs and modifications before fall and winter arrive. 
Want a service even more convenient? Invest in your home through a Dixie Cares Plan to make preventative maintenance a top priority for your primary or secondary residence. Ask us about the Dixie Cares Plan today! 

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