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Ten Common Furnace Problems & Repairs

We all love lists and this blog is no different, but we’re going to do it in a different way. Instead of counting up, we’re going to countdown the most common furnace problems. It’s our way of getting you ready for the New Year’s Eve party countdown.

Drum roll, please

So, without further ado let’s countdown the main culprits of underwhelming furnace performance in your Auburn, Opelika, or Montgomery, AL business or commercial building.

Noisy furnace

Rattles, squeaks, and rumbling noises aren’t normal. Most of the time they indicate a mechanical problem. Your best bet is to call in a professional for a furnace repair.

The blower runs all the time

Typically, this is a problem with the limit switch which will likely have to be replaced.


When the furnace is cycling between “On” and “Off” it’s often caused by an airflow problem. It could be as simple as a clogged filter. A thermostat problem is another possible cause.

Not enough heat

Once again, the culprit may be a blocked or very dirty filter. It could be the furnace that was not sized properly when installed and is incapable of producing enough heat to warm your building and employees.

No heat

When a furnace produces no heat, the problem needs to be tackled step by step. Is the fuel being delivered? Is the ignition system functioning? Is there electricity to run the blower? Is the thermostat faulty?

Bad thermostat

When it’s not working correctly it affects the temperature setting and the operation of the fan (blower). Some thermostats have batteries and a dead battery can keep it from working correctly.

Ignition problems

Most modern furnaces have some form of electrical igniters, but pilot lights are still common. In either case, if the igniter is not working there is no heat. 

Wear & tear

A furnace is a mechanical device. As it gets older it can become less efficient at heating and there can be airflow problems.

Dirty filters

Yes, we know we’ve already mentioned filters a couple of times, but this is one of the leading furnace problems. Dirty or clogged filters mean reduced airflow and the furnace has to work much harder leading to increased wear and tear (see #3).


So many of the items on this list can be prevented or minimized with regularly scheduled property maintenance focusing on the heating and cooling systems. We urge you to call Dixie now to start a regular maintenance program.

Tips & advice

If you have a furnace problem there are some things you, the business owner, can do before calling in the experts:

  • Check the circuit breaker
  • Replace filters
  • Check thermostat settings & operation (changing batteries if necessary)

But when it comes to mechanical issues, ignition problems, or something wrong with the gas delivery system, these furnace repairs require the expertise of a trained Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air technician.