The Importance of Maintaining your Electrical Equipment in Buildings

The owner of a building has a huge responsibility and it doesn’t matter what type of building it is. It might be a large manufacturing facility, a small business with a handful of employees, or a rental property. They all require the kind of commercial electric maintenance Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air has been doing since we opened our doors in 1908.
To understand the importance of what we’re talking about, take a look at these numbers from the Hartford Insurance Company:

  • 3 times greater: The failure rate on components NOT part of a preventive program
  • 2/3 of electrical failures: That’s how many can be prevented by routine preventive maintenance
  • Millions of dollars: Estimated costs each year from damage and lost business caused by electrical failures

What do those numbers mean in the real world when it comes to commercial electric maintenance?

Safety is always the top priority

This should be first and foremost when you talk about the importance of electric maintenance. Ignoring electrical equipment in your Montgomery or Auburn, AL building can lead to unsafe conditions which is a huge liability concern. The answer is developing a plan and schedule for electrical maintenance and then sticking to the plan.

New technology can improve the bottom line

Simple things like having your electrician draw up a plan for improved lighting can have an immediate impact. New LED lighting will cut electrical consumption significantly. This should also factor into any decisions you make about repairing or replacing components when you do have a problem. New technology will almost always mean lower electrical consumption. It’s really nothing more than a cost-benefit analysis:

  • How much do you have invested in current equipment
  • The projected cost to maintain the old equipment
  • The cost of new replacement equipment
  • The amount of money you should save on maintenance.

Breakdowns and downtime are your enemies

A regular schedule of commercial electric maintenance will limit production delays and angry reactions from customers and/or tenants. In the business world, it costs a lot more to acquire new customers than it does to keep current customers happy. In other words, the cost of electric maintenance is much less than the cost of losing customers.
The commercial team at Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air is ready, willing and able to assist you in formulating a plan customized to fit your needs. Call and schedule an appointment now. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.